Your administrative processes run with no problems at all and you can fully focus on your business.

Long-term and short-term business process outsourcing: Accounting and bookkeeping; Human resources and payroll administration; Purchasing processes; Document processing; Filing system, documenting services, archiving…


By outsourcing accounting, you reduce operating costs while increasing the quality of accounting services pursuant to current legislation.

We provide you with comprehensive services in the fields of accounting, creating managerial reports and statutory financial statements, payroll accounting, and tax and general administration. We use the latest information technology that automates accounting and tax processes, guaranteeing services are delivered efficiently and on time.

This service especially includes:

  • Accounting, reporting and fulfilling the company’s tax obligations
  • Compiling statutory financial statements and financial statements in accordance with national accounting standards (GAAP, IFRS)
  • Preparing input data for further processes (such as VAT tax returns, income tax returns, preparation of information for auditors)
  • Checking financial statements and assisting in resolving any shortcomings

Main benefits:

  • Reduced costs for operating an in-house purchasing department
  • Greater transparency in tenders and the purchasing process
  • Minimization of risks of unethical staff behaviour
  • Reduced costs for products and services purchased externally
  • Reduced costs for internal audits and controlling

HR and payroll

Get a competitive edge by managing and optimizing human resources with the aim of cutting administrative costs.

People are a company’s most valuable asset, but at the same time they represent up to 40% of an organization’s operating costs. Add to this the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire, develop and maintain staff.

Focus on talent management and leave the responsibility for managing payroll and HR administration to an experienced supplier like Sabris.

This service especially includes:

  • Handling all payroll and HR administration using advanced information technology
  • Timely payroll processing
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparing employment agreements and other labour documents
  • Payroll and HR consulting
  • Representation before the relevant authorities

Main benefits:

  • Increased organizational efficiency by structuring internal links
  • Ability to bring external payroll processing into accord with the advantages of an internal accounts department
  • Optimization and standardization of processes
  • Savings on operational costs (compared to an internal accounting department)
  • Guarantee of payroll processing quality at the required time
  • Discretion working with sensitive data
  • Guarantee and compensation for damage in the event of processing errors

Purchasing processes

Increase the performance of your corporate purchasing.

We will help you reduce costs, select an optimal purchasing strategy and implement efficient tenders and calls for bids.

This service especially includes:

  • Analysing purchased items and commodities
  • Setting up efficient, effective supplier assessments
  • Running request for bid and price negotiations
  • Evaluating and concluding tenders, with you retaining the final decision.

Main benefits:

  • Reduced costs for operating an in-house purchasing department
  • Greater transparency in tenders and the purchasing process
  • Minimization of risks of unethical staff behaviour
  • Reduced costs for products and services purchased externally
  • Reduced costs for internal audits and controlling

Document processing

Cut costs, get rid of paperwork, save space, reduce errors and take advantage of modern technology without the need to make your own investments.

You work with a large quantity of paper documents, but these are increasingly being replaced with electronic documents. It is not necessary to invest into expensive technology and a team that will process and validate these documents – we at Sabris will do it for you.

Focus your efforts and resources on business development and leave the papers to us.

This area is very closely connected with B2B (business-to-business electronic communication), which expands work with documents to other areas (invoicing, orders, EDI, emails …).

These services especially include:

  • Digitizing paper documents (scanning)
  • Content mining (OCR)
  • Temporary storage of the originals
  • Shredding
  • Electronic “reliable” archiving – including preparing documents for the authorities
  • Preparation of documents (responses, questionnaires …) and follow-up processing
  • Holding surveys and subsequent processing of forms and questionnaires
  • Quick tracing of documents

Main benefits:

  • Providing know-how in the given area (analysis of the current status and recommendations for optimal alternatives)
  • Support for a paperless office
  • Clear document records and prevention of document loss
  • Fast acquisition of data from documents and reduction of errors
  • Accelerated document processing cycle
  • Savings on operational and investment costs – reduction of staffing, reduced costs for archiving hard copy documents, elimination of associated investments into technology
  • Compliance with valid legislation
  • Flexible provision of services either at your site or at our Docupoint digitization centre.

Filing system, clearance systems, documenting services, archiving

Do you have high costs associated with processes that are not profitable for you? Eliminate these processes by transferring responsibility to us.

We optimize operations not only at your filing office, but also other associated document-related processes at the company.

This service especially includes:

  • Provision of clearance and filing system activities for hard copy and electronic documents
  • Document digitization and long-term archiving
  • Mail sorting and further electronic distribution throughout your company
  • Automated document flow management – workflow overview for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Processing post/mail from data boxes
  • Post/mail records, keeping a post/mail log book
  • Reporting – overview of the quantity of incoming and processed messages and other statistics

Main benefits:

  • Reduced costs for operating in-house departments
  • Opportunity to use resources for business development instead of dealing with non-productive processes
  • Eliminating associated technical investments