“Let us solve your problems”

Over the long term we provide you with a complete shared team with a guaranteed senior role and professionalism. The team is there not only if you experience an acute shortage of your own staff or need to streamline your own processes, but also to support the growth of your business beyond your current market.

Application support – “Sabris resources for solving your problems”

This service is targeted at everyone who prefers having a service quality guarantee over being dependent on specific experts. This is what particularly sets us apart from traditional support providers.

The Sabris team is ready to provide you with second- or third-level application support. As part of the service, you do not just hire one or more resources – you get guaranteed coverage of several areas (most often in the areas of finance, logistics and production).

The Sabris team is able to respond very quickly and the customer enjoys the advantage of shared capacity. What this means, for example, is that you do not have to look for two consultants to handle two different problems and wait to see if they are available. Just state what you need and Sabris will take care of the solution.

At the same time, we will provide you with a methodology for ensuring knowledge transfer so that you can quickly integrate the service into your own processes.

Main advantages of the service:

  • Guaranteed allocation of resources based on FTE-shared resources
  • Availability as required by the customer, up to 24/7
  • Introduction or improvement of ITIL processes (Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management)
  • Professional support in the field of designing and managing your own help desk
  • Design and management of requirement categorization

Why choose AMS from Sabris Shared Services?