“Let us solve your problems”

Over the long term we provide you with a complete shared team with a guaranteed senior role and professionalism. The team is there not only if you experience an acute shortage of your own staff or need to streamline your own processes, but also to support the growth of your business beyond your current market.

What do we provide as part of AMS services?

To ensure application support for SAP systems at the customer’s site, we provide qualified resources in the form of a shared SAP consulting team with a specific senior role. In doing so, we reduce dependency on specific individuals.

Ensuring SAP application support

  • Providing FTE-based resources
  • Taking over the customer’s resources (team) and integrating the customer at the Sabris Support Centre

Option to expand services

  • Work outside the support window
  • On-call support
  • Optional on-site consulting
  • Covering work on holidays in the customer’s home country, on weekends and bank holidays
  • Covering transition periods (knowledge transfer)

Subject of the service

  • Resolving application operations requirements
  • Resolving application development requirements (usually >2 man-days)
  • Dealing with problems via remote access

Service management

  • Categorization of support requirements
  • Full integration with the customer’s help desk system
  • Reporting on service quality and the status of resolved requirements