Your administrative processes run with no problems at all and you can fully focus on your business.

Long-term and short-term business process outsourcing: Accounting and bookkeeping; Human resources and payroll administration; Purchasing processes; Document processing; Filing system, documenting services, archiving…

We deliver SLA-guaranteed services

The specifications of the service, based on which the quality and entirety of the provided services are objectively evaluated, are defined in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The reasons for customers’ very positive experiences with outsourcing can be found in a well-prepared SLA. When creating an SLA, it is ideal to focus on the customer’s business needs, recall again what the agreed goals of outsourcing are, and then set the specifications for these areas. Neglecting to establish the SLA specifications to the key services or establishing the specifications in a way so that it would be impossible to determine whether they were fulfilled is a risk.

  • • Penalties are tied to the specifications in the SLA. Establishing unclear or unspecific conditions for assessing penalties, the amount of the penalty and imbalance in establishing penalties for both contracting parties (the provider and the customer) are a risk. Another very important area is cooperation management. It is not enough to merely define the work, documents and other performances that the provider will demand from the customer.

SLA specifications are a very individual matter for each service. Contact us if you already use or are thinking of using outsourcing.