The best system that grows flexibly with your business is the one you operate in the cloud.

SAP SuccessFactors = cutting-edge cloud solutions for your HR processes

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Personal data are very sensitive. How is it ensured the data in the cloud will not be abused?

This is all provided for in the agreement between the cloud provider and the customer. The company providing the cloud should have the necessary certification for strictly-regulated environments such as the European and U.S. markets. Examples include certification for the United States (“US”) – European Union (“EU”) Framework and the US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework.

What is a hybrid solution and in which cases is it recommended?

Hybrid solutions are ideal if you already use the SAP HCM for personnel administration and payroll. If you are looking for a way to obtain a tool to support the development, learning and collaboration of your staff, you can use a combination of SAP SuccessFactors solutions in the cloud and we, by applying our experience, connect these to the implemented on-premise solution you use for HR and payroll support.

When should I consider a cloud solution?

If you want to provide a cutting-edge management tool for an area such as conducting staff evaluations, setting corporate goals and cascading to specific staff members within the organization, or you are looking for a tool for managing corporate learning but do not want to resort to developing your own solution.

If you need your software tool to be easy to use, support the above processes and also be available on mobile devices, plus you know that developing your own project would be costly, take a long time and each new update would have to be completed separately.

In these cases, a cloud solution is an ideal tool because:

  • It combines current data from the SAP HCM maintained for salaries and HR;
  • It allows you to use a state-of-the-art HR development tool;
  • It provides new features on a quarterly basis with minimal costs for implementation.

Are cloud solutions only in English?

No. Just like SAP ERP, individual language versions are supported.

To what extent do cloud solutions adapt to my needs? Are individual processes pre-set?

Each module is adjustable and the scope of its application and the supported processes adapt to the customer’s needs. Before starting a project, the customer can become acquainted with the supported scope and, together with implementation consultants, select those parts of the processes the customer will use, adding the settings (structure number dials) that are necessary for selected sections for implementation to function.

Do I pay for the entire cloud, even if I only want to use part of it?

Not at all. Cloud solutions are also used for individual modules and they are priced separately. This makes it possible to gradually add other functions. The customer pays an annual fee for using the cloud according to the number of employees whose data are stored in the cloud.