The best system that grows flexibly with your business is the one you operate in the cloud.

SAP SuccessFactors = cutting-edge cloud solutions for your HR processes

HR cloud services

By using HR cloud services, you enjoy maximum flexibility with respect to your company’s current needs. Optimize costs for operating hardware infrastructure and increase availability and security. The ability to predict and plan costs and the implementation speed are indisputable advantages.

Sabris supports innovation in all areas, from cloud services to managed application operation and deployment of solutions at the customer site with follow-up support.

The main advantage of working with us is the ability to deliver hybrid cloud + on-premise solutions.

Main advantages of cloud services:

  • Optimization of infrastructure operation costs
  • Rapid way to deploy state-of-the-art applications
  • Greater degree of flexibility matching your current needs
  • Rapid deployment of applications in international settings
  • Always current version of the application (updates four times per year)