Your administrative processes run with no problems at all and you can fully focus on your business.

Long-term and short-term business process outsourcing: Accounting and bookkeeping; Human resources and payroll administration; Purchasing processes; Document processing; Filing system, documenting services, archiving…

Business process outsourcing frees you from the administrative side of running your business.

Business process outsourcing or transferring select administrative activities to an external supplier is a 21st century trend. It is an efficient way to reduce the company’s operational costs while increasing the quality with which important auxiliary activities are performed. Freeing up your own resources and having access to new technology, information and skills are also advantages.

The main advantages especially include:

  • Saving operational costs for support (“unproductive”) processes and having the opportunity to use these funds for business development
  • Eliminating associated technical investments
  • Transferring responsibility and risks to the service provider (Service Level Agreement)
  • Higher service quality based on the external partner’s skills and experience (in a specific area, technology, legislation, etc.)

Examples of areas in which Business Process Outsourcing is common practice:

  • Accounting

    From internal accounting guidelines to national financial reporting standards, we ensure that your company has the right setup, staffing, accounting and auditing procedures in place.

  • HR and payroll

    By using advanced information technology and our own resources, we provide reliable services for you to fulfil your payroll and HR administration requirements.

  • Purchasing processes

    We provide strategic purchasing services, especially in the field of tenders and calls for bids: from organization and staffing to expert support and documentation of the entire process.

  • Document processing

    We provide services in which we use IT to digitize hard copy documents and mine key data from them, including the option of having long-term “reliable archiving”.

  • Filing system, clearance systems, documenting services, archiving

    We provide services for processing incoming and outgoing emails and paper correspondence and subsequently archiving/shredding, sorting, mining, forwarding, ensuring responses, etc.

  • … and further options for using external resources that match the client’s needs.

Why choose business process outsourcing from Sabris Shared Services?

  • We provide end-to-end services.
    • We provide business process outsourcing, from analyses of current processes to proposals for solutions, implementation, and assumption of responsibility for the client’s processes.
  • We guarantee the scope, level and quality of provided services based on an SLA (Service Level Agreement).
    • We use a sophisticated system for monitoring and measuring services with defined specifications to fulfil the qualitative indicators that are crucial for the client.
  • We are focused on optimizing process performance (KPI).
    • Key performance indicators are always included in agreements with the client and are regularly measured and optimized with the aim of achieving the maximum benefits.

Our basic values are:

  • Reliability
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Stability