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Long-term and short-term business process outsourcing: Accounting and bookkeeping; Human resources and payroll administration; Purchasing processes; Document processing; Filing system, documenting services, archiving…


HR and Payroll Outsourcing

Sabris helped NKT with payroll processing for nearly 1,000 employees of the newly acquired plant in Sweden. The service provided on a long-term basis now comprises comprehensive business process outsourcing of payroll processing, including printing of pay slips and their delivery from the Czech Republic.

In order to provide outsourcing of payroll processing in SAP HCM for the Swedish plant, it was necessary to do the following during the transition:

A follow-up regular service covers the following:

Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Outsourcing sources for support in transitioning to a new system for human resources and payroll, SAP HCM

At the beginning of 2016, the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs launched a new information system, including a new HR and payroll system. The ministry’s shortage of their own resources for the complex project led to it issuing a request for an external partner that would focus on providing support in migrating data for SAP HCM, training and on-site support at individual Labour Office sites throughout the Czech Republic.

“Sabris best fulfilled our requirements for professional expertise and the size and readiness of the team. In this critical situation as several projects came together at once, Sabris helped us meet our obligations to the HCM solution supplier by filling in our shortage of qualified resources and providing support and knowledge of data migration as we transitioned to GO LIVE SAP HCM at Labour Office sites in the Czech Republic.”

Petr Hejduk, Deputy, Department of Ministry Management, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Sabris provided an eight-member team to the ministry to support migration, enter payroll data and provide on-site support for HR department staff at individual Labour Office sites. The entire team was managed by a senior SAP HCM specialist, who coordinated training and migration with ministry teams and provided field support to Sabris staff.

AVL Moravia

Human resources and payroll outsourcing

We compiled a detailed analysis (business case) for AVL Moravia and followed up by submitting a specific outsourcing proposal for payroll and HR administration processing, including unambiguous definitions of the services provided, responsibilities and the SLA guarantee. The output also included a financial comparison of the two alternatives for payroll processing over the next five years, which clearly confirmed savings in operational costs if outsourcing would be used. The savings would continue to increase as the number of employees rises.

Since December 2011, AVL Moravia has outsourced payroll processing to Sabris. How does AVL Moravia evaluate this change and where does it see the greatest benefits?

“Working with Sabris in payroll and HR administration outsourcings has fulfilled our expectations. Payrolls are processed without any problems, which is the result of the careful preparation of all necessary documents by us and by Sabris. I think our mutual cooperation is a good advertisement.”

Libor Krejčí, Head of Purchasing, Procurator, AVL Moravia s.r.o.


Document processing outsourcing

For BOSAL ČR, Sabris provided a solution for invoice processing, from receipt of the invoice to digitizing, mining, approval, archiving, and booking in the ERP system. The aim of the solution was to provide BOSAL with maximum, real-time control over all its invoices.

  • The process of digitizing and mining invoices is covered through outsourcing (based on specifications defined in a Service Level Agreement) at Sabris Shared Services Centre. Documents are scanned by an high-quality document scanner and then mined using ABBYY OCR software. All of the documents are archived in parallel in a reliable electronic archive, which Sabris again provides to BOSAL ČR through outsourcing.

WITTE Nejdek

Outsourcing sources for purchasing processes

In 2015 the head of the purchasing department at WITE Nejdek asked us if we would be able to help them resolve the critical situation they were having with their own purchasing department resources before the end of the year.

Sabris provided WITTE with a team that was able to deliver complete blocks of required activities at individual phases of the requests, doing so either at the customer’s site or remotely.

This primarily encompassed the following activities: