A new generation of Electronic Data Interchange

B2B communication solutions connect your system with your business partners’ systems, allowing you to process all normally used formats in the electronic exchange of data.

The EMonD rule: “What gets fine-tuned by a person a machine cannot worsen.”

EMonD offers a user-friendly, secure and single B2B communication interface on top of the SAP system that allows all corporate communication to be processed and minimizes the risk of errors.

Features and uniqueness of the solution:

  • Direct connection solution, with no need for data to be converted between several SAP systems (SAP2SAP).
  • Ensuring that all electronic structured message formats are processed.
  • Universal solution for processing all corporate communication – in combination with services provided by Sabris Shared Services Centre, specifically with the use of outsourcing to process unstructured electronic communications and communications on paper (if necessary).
  • In addition to communications, the solution also ensures message archiving, including optional “reliable archiving” for digitized documents (PDF, TIFF, DOC and TXT formats, emails, etc.)

Who is the solution targeted at?

  • It is targeted at companies using the SAP ERP system – for communicating with partners who may or do not necessarily have SAP ERP.
  • At companies introducing EDI with their partners (invoicing, orders …)
  • At companies that already use a B2B solution, but want to maximize the benefits and minimize errors.

EMonD enables gradual full digitization to input and output:

Main benefits of the EMonD solution

  • Accelerated processes
  • Elimination of errors
  • Integration of all communications channels into a single solution
  • Optional message processing without interfering with SAP
  • Transfer of solutions for non-standard IT situations to the end user in the user-friendly Incoming and Outgoing Invoice Book (under IODB ) environment
  • Elimination of communications on paper

Additional advantages especially include:

  • Receipt of messages in known formats
  • Conversion of messages into a single format (XML or IDOC)
  • Single technical monitoring of all messages (In/Out)
  • Generation of technical reports
  • Automated intersystem communication
  • Rapid routing of messages to the recipient
  • Secure communication support
  • Option to expand the solution to include additional components

Comparison of standard EDI solutions with the functionality of EMonD:

EMOND functionalityStandard EDI solutions
Automatic message control (such as checking if the master data is correct)not able
Catching incoming error messagesonly if there is a problem
Generating error reportsresolved in the system
Displaying the queue of all messages in various user viewsnot provided
Displaying standard documents, ability to editnot provided
Displaying document “conversion/history” with the related messagesnot provided