A new generation of Electronic Data Interchange

B2B communication solutions connect your system with your business partners’ systems, allowing you to process all normally used formats in the electronic exchange of data.

B2B communication

B2B communication is a modern-day phenomenon. Systems that support B2B communication can be a lot of help – but also a problem. It depends on the degree of control they give to the person responsible for the systems and their communication.

With increasing communication, it is important not only to exchange messages (EDI), but also automate processing the messages. The busier the communication traffic, the more it is necessary to monitor and analyze what the communication is and where problems are arising and look for ways to solve these problems.

The EMonD (Electronic Monitoring of Documents) solution serves this purpose. Developed by Sabris, EMonD makes it possible to monitor and analyse the entire communication and, in critical situations, resolve it. This is a communication solution on top of SAP ERP that minimizes the risks arising from errors in B2B and in-house electronic communication.

Why should we chose Sabris as a B2B solution supplier?

  • We offer a comprehensive solution that makes B2B communication transparent at a human level and easy to manage.
  • We have extensive experience implementing SAP ERP systems, ECM/DMS (OpenText, MS SharePoint), BPMS/WMS, IPM and EDI at a large number of clients.
  • We are aware of companies’ needs in the field of B2B communication and EDI.
  • We have developed our own solution, EMonD, which combines the implementation of client applications (Incoming and Outgoing Document Book/IODB) and the use of universal cloud services (SMW), which know how to process all standard formats used in EDI.
  • In addition to B2B communication, we also provide outsourcing in other areas, making it possible to have one partner for various areas.
  • Because we have our own facility for processing communication on paper, our solution covers 100% of B2B communication.